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At Blue Bell Inn, we have the Petro Canada Gas Station where you can fill the gas tank of your RV or motorhome before heading to the next destination. Our property is on Alaska Highway at 4203, 50th Avenue S, Fort Nelson, BC. Each day, we have more than 500 visitors to our gas station. At Blue Bell Inn, our main objective is to champion the Canadian spirit and keep people moving towards what matters to them the most. The fuel dispensers at our gas station have an in-built filtration function to ensure clean fuel enters into your vehicle’s fuel tank. Fuel dispensers allow users to easily choose the grade of gas they want to fill in their vehicle’s tank.

We even sell motor oil, engine oil, brake oil, and sterling oil to ensure your vehicle’s oil levels remain normal.

There are not many supermarkets or drive-thru options available for travelers on the aforementioned highway. Having a convenience store alongside the gas station offers great relief for the people going down the route. You can grab everything from our Convenience Store including poultry, dairy, toiletries, household, healthcare, petcare, but not limited to tobacco, etc. If you don’t want to stay at the campsite but want to get the gas tank of your RV or motorhome refilled, you are still welcome. The gas station is not restricted to the guests who stay at the motel or campsite. 

Our Petro-Canada gas station sells high-quality fuels for all seasons even the coldest Canadian winters

Here are all the types of fuels you can get at our Petro-Canada gas station;

1. Gas

From regular gas to premium gas, our different grades of gas meet the requirements of all the Canadian drivers. The gasoline grades available at our gas station are as follows;

  • Regular – 87 octane
  • Supreme – 91 octane
2. Diesel

We offer low sulphur diesel fuel at our gas station, which helps to keep your engine fuel injector in good condition while increasing the lifespan of your diesel engine.



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