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Fort Nelson Heritage Museum

The museum’s theme is “Transportation,” and guests will see the most diverse collection of antique cars, trucks, license plates, and signs in northern BC. Learn why Fort Nelson is known as “the gateway to the Northern Rockies”. Visitors will also discover the surprising story behind the construction of the Alcan Highway and other displays that demonstrate Fort Nelson’s distinctive place in the early days of exploration, mining, and hunting. Come browse on your own or take part in an enlightening interpretive tour. The museum also hosts educational and cultural events throughout the season.

The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum is owned and run by the Fort Nelson Historical Society. Curator Marl Brown has a hardcore passion for history as well as for the town of Fort Nelson.

Distance: The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum is 2 kms far from Blue Bell Inn.

Estimated Time: Approx. 3 min via BC-97N.

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