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Northern Rockies Regional Airport

The Northern Rockies Regional Airport is one of the most dynamically yet fast growing regional airports in Canada. This regional airport is located in one of the fastest growing regions of British Columbia. With the help of modern airport facilities, the airport is capable of serving a wide variety of airplanes ranging from small or recreational ones to larger or commercial airplanes. 

Distance: The Northern Rockies Regional Airport is 9.7 kms far from Blue Bell Inn

Estimated Time: It will take you approx. 10 mins via Airport Connector Rd. 

Gordon Field Airport (CBL3)

The Gordon FIeld Airport is another airport which is in close proximity to the Blue Bell Rv park. To reach the airport you need to go via BC-97N and Old Alaska Highway.

Distance: The Gordon Field Airport (CBL3) is 6.9 kms far from the Blue Bell Inn.

Estimated Time: Approximately 7 mins to reach the airport via BC-97N and Old Alaska Highway.

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